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Dolphin HR are an independent HR Consultancy serving the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire Regions.


With over twenty years of HR experience working in a variety of diverse industries including retail, food and manufacturing. We deal with complex issues in a variety of businesses both large and small.


Our role is to help you manage and develop your people whilst staying within the boundaries of the complex employment legislation which exists in the UK.


We provide solutions in partnership with our clients working together by building relationships based on trust, reliability and honesty.


We offer a free initial audit based on a face to face meeting where we can discuss your needs and make recommendations based on your business situation taking into account the size and complexity of your organisation.


Our solutions are tailored to suit you.


Please call us on 07584 075 768 for more information.

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HR Solutions

Absence Management


Disciplinary and Grievances

Disputes and Tribunals

Redundancies and Restructurinng

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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HR Solutions

Employee Development

Employee Development

Career Management



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Employee Development Strategies

Performance Management

Pay and Benefits

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Job Descriptions

Interview Support

Psychometric Testing

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Contracts & Offer Letters


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Policies and Procedures


Employment Law

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Recruitment & Selection