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Outsourced HR Solutions

Dolphin HR can provide a fully integrated HR solution which offers real business benefits.


We get to know you, your business and your culture

We get to know your people, and they get to know us

You get a complete end-to-end HR service without any extra headcount

We manage all your HR 'Paperwork' keeping it safe, secure and accessible

Having a 'dedicated' HR team is increasingly valuable when tendering

Our fully managed outsourced HR service includes;

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Strategic HR


Our fully managed service also allows you to tap into a calibre of expertise at a level, which has only previously been enjoyed by large corporate businesses. Whether you are bidding for new work that needs you to be able to demonstrate that you have the HR fire-power to manage change and transition in your workplace or you're looking to completely reorganise the structure of your business - we have the depth of experience and knowledge that will give you confidence that you have the right support in your business to move forward.



Employee Data Management


We get to know your staff and take over the management of all employee files.


Absence Tracking and Document Management


We record and track absence and provide bespoke reports. We will establish a system to house all of your HR policies and procedures, which can be viewed by employees and removing the need to produce handbooks which are expensive to produce and quickly become out of date.


How much does it cost?


The cost to provide the full service depends on your head count. We have a sliding scale of charges based on the number of employees in your business. All fees are payable monthly in advance by Direct Debit or Standing Order.

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